Quit Your Job

Relieved? Three Magic Words that can help us remember that there's a chance to make a change in our lives. As simple and basic as it sounds, it's one of the ideas that come to any pissed employee's mind once a week.

-Quit your job.

There they are again. Maybe you are thinking, “quitting it’s not for me”. But believe me quitting is for everyone. Even Steve Jobs quit some time, to a boss in a suit, with health insurance and a radiant red Cadillac.

-Quit your job.

Ok. Maybe I’m going out of line (Please don´t take me too seriously… I’ve been working for 14 hours straight). Working for someone can be a rewarding experience. Actually, if you find the right boss, you’ll enjoy the magic of going beyond your creative limits. Is that your case?

-Quit your job.

Now we get to that part where you picture yourself sitting in your place, daydreaming  you are one of those millennials that work from home/beach/club. But you are not. You are a well prepared adult that enjoys Mojitos Night too much, to let go of that safe income.

-Quit your job. Relieved?

Me, telling you to quit your job, has taken your head to the right place. You don’t need to actually quit your job to understand what those three words make you feel. This is the power of creativity, the ability to question what are we doing with our lives, in the momentleast expected.

If you are the kind of reader that felt relieved while reading that someone, somewhere strongly advised you to quit your job, then I suggest you follow my advice, and follow your instinct. On the other hand, if you read this and thought I was a bossy/naive writer, then I recommend you to continue along your path; it seems from here that you are having fun.